Changes to your local forecast on The Weather Network's TV Channel

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You may have recently noticed, or been made aware of upcoming changes to your local forecast broadcasted on The Weather Network channel. To help you better understand, we want to explain why these changes are taking place. 

The Weather Network prefers to deliver a single, custom local forecast to as many communities as it can. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. We are able to deliver local weather because of our strong partnerships with Canadian cable providers, as it is ultimately up to each cable company how many individual Weather Network signals it distributes. However, technical changes to modern cable networks have made it impossible to always distribute a custom forecast signal to every community. 

At the same time, our original Standard Definition equipment can no longer be serviced and we need to upgrade to High Definition signals for all of our local feeds and forecasts. This is why we are working with our cable company partners to deliver new, High Definition signals that sometimes provide forecasts for a group of communities or a particular region. The larger HD screen size means more forecast information is always displayed on your screen, even during commercial breaks. Regional forecasts also give you information about your own community, as well as those you are likely to travel to frequently. 

We are also working with our cable company partners to integrate and deliver advanced interactive TV apps that will insert hyper-local weather into your Weather Network TV signal. Once launched on your TV, these apps will provide you with a local forecast specific to your postal code, which is the most local and accurate weather available. As well, they allow you to search and save other locations of interest. Please check to learn if your cable provider has launched the new, interactive TV app from The Weather Network in your region. 

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