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Did you know that you can now access local weather content and on-demand video on an app on your big screen TV?

It’s interactive. It’s local. It’s made for you.

Our TV app provides you with easy on-demand access to local weather information and a large library of video content on your big screen with the simple touch of your remote. From the comfort of your living room, you can access the app through your cable subscription, a Smart TV, or by purchasing a streaming device and connecting it to your TV. It's as simple as that! Our TV app is now available on Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite Streaming. It's also available to Eastlink subscribers. With the voice command, it's even easier than before, just say: "Launch The Weather Network" to get access to our TV App on your big screen TV.




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What are TV Apps?

How do I get the Weather Network TV Apps? 

How do I start interacting and open the application?

How can I change my default location?

How do I change the language of the app?

How do I change my units of measurement?


The TV app is available through which cable, telco or satellite providers?

The TV app is currently available to Videotron subscribers and will be soon available to subscribers on all other major telco or cable providers, such as: Shaw, Telus, Bell, and Rogers with deployments scheduled throughout 2022.


The TV app is available through which streaming device?

The TV App is available for download on Roku, Apple TV, FireTVStick, AmazonFireTV, AndroidTV, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG, Huawei, and through most other Smart TV and Streaming devices.


Which cities are available for me to select from? 

All major cities across Canada as well as cities around the world.


How many favourites can I have?

Up to 10 favourite cities.


How do I add a video to my Playlist? 

Press and hold the OK button on the remote control to add the video to the playlist.


How do I remove a video from my Playlist?

Press and hold the OK button on the remote control.


How can I go back to Live TV?

Use your remote control to open the menu and select "Live" if available in your country.


Why does the experience for my friend/family member look different than mine?

The TV app is built on the Android TV and Comcast Xfinity operating systems. The version of the app which loads is dependent upon the cable/telco carrier which you have subscribed with.


Can I leave Feedback?

Absolutely.   We would love to get your opinion for future enhancements or just hear your thoughts.

Please email us at:




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