Beta pages Troubleshooting

Here are some FAQs when using our new Beta pages:


Why can’t I save locations?

  • Locations are saved for you as you use the website! 
  • We automatically save the last 5 locations you have visited on the website. To access your recent locations, click/tap in the search field, and they will display in a dropdown list which you can tap or click to go to the page.

What happened to the 36 hour forecast?

  • The 36 Hour forecast has evolved into the 7 Days forecast. This update means we are continuing to display the forecast in 6-hour increments (morning, afternoon, evening and overnight periods), but we now include 7 days’ worth!

Why did you change the seven day page?

  • The original seven day page was virtually the same as the original 14 day page and we want to give you more options that will allow you to see the forecast in different ways. The new seven day forecast displays the weather in six hour periods and goes out for about seven days; this allows you to view the weather in mornings, afternoons evenings and overnights  
  • The newer Current weather page that you see when you select a city is more of an overview with snippets of the different forecast periods for you to choose from, depending on the information you need.
  • If the original 7 Days page works best for you, please try the 14 Days page, which most closely matches that format.
  • If you wish to always land on a specific forecast page, you can bookmark that URL and return to the page of your choice. (See below How do I save the website so that the right page opens every time?)

What happened to the weekend forecast?

  • In order to simplify the content on the website, we removed the Weekend forecast page, as it was duplicate information already included in the other forecasts. To view your weekend forecast, please check 7 Days and/or 14 Days.

Why don’t you have Last 24 Hours?

  • Unfortunately this feature was disabled by the data outage in September 2023. We will be reintroducing daily historical information in the coming months. 

How do I save the website so that the right page opens every time?

  • On your phone or tablet, you can save any webpage as a shortcut on your home screen:
    • First, in your browser navigate to the page you want to start with on each visit.
    • Next, tap the share icon in your browser (located near the URL field or in the More Options section - tap the 3 dots). From there you will get options for where you can share the URL, including “Add to Home screen” - select this option. That’s it!
  • On a laptop or desktop device, there are a few options that make it easy to go to your favourite page every time:
    • Bookmark the page by tapping the star in the URL field (in Safari look for the Share icon and select Add Bookmark)
    • Pin the page to your taskbar
      • In Chrome, tap the three dots at the right side of the URL field. Select “Save and share”, and then “Create shortcut”. You will be able to name the shortcut - it is automatically saved to your homescreen, and you will be prompted to pin the same icon to your taskbar (at the bottom of the screen).
      • In Edge, tap the three dots at the right side of the URL field. Select “More tools”, and then select “Pin to taskbar”.
      • In Safari, [need instructions for Safari]
    • Make your chosen page your starting page in your browser! This helpful article explains how.

How do I navigate to other forecast pages?

  • You can either use the secondary navigation to go to another forecast page, or select one of the modules in the page to go to another forecast page. For example, on the current weather page, there is a module for each of Hourly, 7 Days and 14 Days, which you can tap/click. On each of the other forecast pages, there is one module that goes to one of the other forecast pages.
  • On mobile web the secondary navigation is in a dropdown at the top of the page, and on tablet and desktop screens the secondary navigation is visible at the top under the main “Weather” navigation link.

Why does the video on the current weather page autoplay?

  • This video player displays the most important weather video currently available for your location. It begins to play when it comes into view, but you can close it or drag the player to another part of your screen if you wish to move it somewhere more convenient.

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